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Marshal Auctions

Note: This information last updated on 29 November 2013, and based on publicly available information, including information supplied by the vendor. Our company has not necessarily examined or tested Marshal Auctions. Our company may receive a payment if you purchase membership of Marshal Auctions after following a link from this website.

Marshal Auctions is one of the more basic looking of auction membership sites, and doesn't feature the fancy animations and flashy graphics that you will find on some other websites. Of course, if you're contemplating joining an automobile auction membership site, I doubt that looks are a major consideration - it's the quality of information that counts.

Like other automobile auction websites, Marshal Auctions is based on a private member's area concept. In the case of Marshal Auctions, access to the member's area is gained by paying a one-time fee (no recurring billing) of just $19.99 (Sales Tax may apply).

I am not sure exactly how many auctions are listed in the member's area, but I can say the site is mainly orientated towards US automobile purchasers. According to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, Marshal Auctions "keep[s] track of the auctions going on in all 50 states plus the ones online, so our Members' Area is chock full of auction listings where you can get seized vehicles at very low prices all the time".

Another obvious question given the name of the site is whether the site only lists auctions from the US Marshals service. This is definitely answered in the FAQ, and the answer is no: "We have US Marshals Service auctions and government auctions of all types. Any vehicles seized by a Federal agency could be in these auctions. Plus we have all sorts of other auctions listed as well".

So, in summary, like most other membership sites, the Marshal Auctions website provides details of government and other auctions in the United States. US automobile purchasers may appreciate this data - although of course non-US residents may find little of value. If you are looking for government auctions within the US, then Marshal Auctions appears to be a reasonable choice at an affordable choice.

Visit the Marshal Auctions Website

Product Type:   Membership Site
Available from ClickBank:   Yes
At the time of writing the vendor of Marshal Auctions sells through ClickBank (with ClickBank acting as the retailer), although other retail options may also be available.
Payment Options:  
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
    Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal
  • ClickBank allows customers to make payments using most major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal, although not all payment options may be available to all customers.
  • Note: If you purchase membership of Marshal Auctions from a retailer other than ClickBank, the available payment options may differ.
  • Immediate Access After Payment:   Yes

    Visit the Marshal Auctions Website

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